The Seve Project was created to make golf more accessible to the world so we can all share the love of golf together.

“There are many ways to play golf. Not necessarily have to be Pinehurst or Augusta or St. Andrews. You can build your own golf course by using your own imagination, and have fun.” 

-Seve Ballesteros

In the small fishing village of Pedreña, on the windswept coast of northern Spain, Seve Ballesteros learned to play golf using a wooden 3 iron that his brother, Manuel, gave him. He would often skip school to hit golf shots all day on the local beach. By night, he would hop the fence and play his local golf course in the dark. Not surprisingly, he became arguably the most creative and imaginative golfer of all time. Learning a mastery of shots with that 3 iron that would eventually lead to 50 European Tour wins (all time highest), and five majors. He was a true representation of golf as the art form it was meant to be.

Cut to a recent road trip to Lake Erie. We were almost to our destination when we came across a free bag of golf clubs on the side of the road. I didn’t think twice about it until my girlfriend asked, “Did you not see that free bag of clubs?” Surprised by her sudden concern for lonely golf clubs, I decide to turn around. You know…to humor her. The find actually ended up being better than expected, containing most of a vintage set of MacGregor MT Tourney TR2A blades and a pretty rad center shaft Halley putter.

After drinking a few beers on the beach, my mind began to wander and I thought about how cheap and easy it is to find a set of golf clubs. All you ever hear about golf is that it is expensive and exclusive; yet, for a few bucks at a thrift shop (literally any of them), you can pick up a set of clubs and go play. This got me thinking about Seve. I walked to the car, grabbed my rusty new MacGregor 7 iron, a few balls, and headed down the beach a ways until I found the perfect place to make a hole. I tied a shirt to a stick and hit shots at it until the sun went down. It didn’t take long to figure out why a young, defiant Seve chose to spend his afternoons on the beach instead of the classroom, why he was such an artist on the course, and why he seemed to enjoy playing the game more than anyone.

So join #TheSeveProject. Go out with some friends, buy some cheap old clubs, and find a rad place to hit balls, whether that be a beach, park, backyard, alley, or mountain. Find your place and we bet you’ll find a new love for the game and have more fun than you imagined was possible. Don’t forget to tag the photos of your adventures #TheSeveProject and let’s welcome the rest of the world to golf.

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