How-to: Street Golf

Here’s how to street golf.

First rule is… There are no rules. 

  1. Go to any thrift store in America and you’ll probably find a barrel of old clubs.
  2. Grab a few for a few bucks and pick up some old balls that are probably in the vicinity of the club barrel.
  3. Now all you have to do is go out and find a park, baseball diamond, alleyway, underpass, railroad tracks, really anywhere that you can hit a golf shot to a target.
  4. Have fun hitting crazy shots.

Some tips: 

  1. Tennis balls can be used in dense areas where golf balls may do damage.
  1. It might be helpful to bring a small astro turf hitting mat or piece of carpet to soften impact on concrete.

If you get your own street golf game going, you can hit us up at And you can get to swingin’!

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